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Microbiology 2nd Edition Norman McKay Test Bank

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0136785891, 0137661614, 0136785735, 013678593X, 0136785808, 9780136785897, 9780137661619, 9780136785736, 9780136785934, 9780136785804

Table of contents
1 Introduction to Microbiology
1.1 A Brief History of Microbiology
1.2 Classifying Microbes and Their Interactions
1.3 Growing, Staining, and Viewing Microbes
2 Biochemistry Basics
2.1 From Atoms to Macromolecules
2.2 Chemical Bonds
2.3 Chemical Reactions
2.4 Biologically Important Macromolecules
3 Introduction to Prokaryotic Cells
3.1 Prokaryotic Cell Basics
3.2 Extracellular Structures
3.3 Intracellular Structures
4 Introduction to Eukaryotic Cells
4.1 Overview of Eukaryotes
4.2 Classification of Eukaryotes
4.3 Extracellular Structures
4.4 Intracellular Structures
5 Genetics
5.1 Heredity Basics
5.2 DNA Replication
5.3 Protein Synthesis (Gene Expression)
5.4 Regulating Protein Synthesis
5.5 Mutations
5.6 Genetic Variation Without Sexual Reproduction
6 Viruses and Prions
6.1 General Virus Characteristics
6.2 Classifying and Naming Viruses
6.3 Viral Replication Pathways
6.4 Clinical Aspects of Viruses
6.5 Prions
7 Fundamentals of Microbial Growth and Decontamination
7.1 Microbial Growth Basics
7.2 Prokaryotic Growth Requirements
7.3 Growing, Isolating, and Counting Microbes
7.4 Basics of Microbial Growth Reductionand Decontamination
8 Microbial Metabolism
8.1 Defining Metabolism
8.2 Enzymes
8.3 Obtaining and Using Energy
8.4 The Catabolic Process of Cellular Respiration
8.5 Other Catabolic Pathways for Oxidizing Nutrients
8.6 Anabolic Reactions: Biosynthesis
8.7 The Interconnected Web of Metabolism
8.8 Classifying Organisms by Carbon Source and Mode of ATP Production
8.9 Using Metabolic Properties to Identify Bacteria
9 Principles of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology
9.1 Causes of Infectious Diseases
9.2 Infectious Disease Transmission and Stages
9.3 Epidemiology Essentials
9.4 Epidemiological Measures and Studies
9.5 Epidemiology in Clinical Settings
9.6 Surveillance, Eradication, and Ethics in Epidemiology
10 Host-Microbe Interactions and Pathogenesis
10.1 Basics of Host–Microbe Interactions
10.2 Introduction to Virulence
10.3 Five Steps to Infection
10.4 Safety and Health Care
11 Innate Immunity
11.1 Overview of the Immune System and Responses
11.2 Introduction to First-Line Defenses
11.3 Introduction to Second-Line Defenses and the Lymphatic System
11.4 Cellular Second-Line Defenses
11.5 Molecular Second-Line Defenses
11.6 Inflammation and Fever
12 Adaptive Immunity
12.1 Introduction to Third-Line Defenses
12.2 Cellular Branch of Adaptive Immunity
12.3 Humoral Response of Adaptive Immunity
12.4 A Deeper Exploration of Humoral Memory
13 Immune System Disorders
13.1 Immune Deficiencies and Autoimmunity
13.2 Introduction to Hypersensitivities
13.3 Type I Hypersensitivities
13.4 Type II Hypersensitivities
13.5 Type III Hypersensitivities
13.6 Type IV Hypersensitivities
14 Biomedical Applications: Vaccines, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and Molecular Methods
14.1 A Brief History of Vaccines
14.2 Overview of Vaccines
14.3 Immunological Diagnostic Testing
14.4 Selected Genetics Applications in Medicine
15 Antimicrobial Drugs
15.1 Introduction to Antimicrobial Drugs
15.2 Survey of Antibacterial Drugs
15.3 Drugs for Viral and Eukaryotic Infections
15.4 Assessing Sensitivity to Antimicrobial Drugs
15.5 Drug Resistance and Proper Antimicrobial Drug Stewardship
16 Respiratory System Infections
16.1 Overview of the Respiratory System
16.2 Viral Infections of the Respiratory System
16.3 Bacterial Infections of the Respiratory System
16.4 Fungal Respiratory System Infections
17 Skin and Eye Infections
17.1 Overview of Skin Structure, Defenses, and Afflictions
17.2 Viral Skin Infections
17.3 Bacterial Skin Infections
17.4 Fungal Skin Infections
17.5 Parasitic Skin Infections
17.6 Structure, Defenses, and Infections of the Eyes
18 Nervous System Infections
18.1 Overview of Nervous System Structure and Defenses
18.2 Viral Nervous System Infections
18.3 Bacterial Nervous System Infections
18.4 Other Nervous System Infections
19 Digestive System Infections
19.1 Digestive System Anatomy and Defenses
19.2 Gastrointestinal Infection Symptoms and Diagnostic Tools
19.3 Viral Digestive System Infections
19.4 Bacterial Digestive System Infections
19.5 Protozoan and Helminthic Digestive System Infections
20 Urinary and Reproductive System Infections
20.1 Overview of The Urinary and Reproductive Systems
20.2 Urinary System Infections
20.3 Reproductive System Viral Infections
20.4 Reproductive System Bacterial Infections
20.5 Reproductive System Eukaryotic Infections
21 Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Infections
21.1 Overview of The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems
21.2 Systemic Viral Infections
21.3 Systemic Bacterial Infections
21.4 Systemic Fungal Infections
21.5 Systemic Protozoan Infections: Malaria

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Microbiology 2nd Edition Norman McKay Test Bank
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