Test Bank for Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing 10th Edition


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Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing 10th Edition Marquis Huston Test Bank


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Decision Making, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Clinical Reasoning: Requisites for successful leadership and management
Chapter 2 Classical Views of Leadership and Management
Chapter 3 Twenty-First-Century Thinking About Leadership and Management
Chapter 4 Ethical Issues
Chapter 5 Legal and Legislative Issues
Chapter 6 Patient, Subordinate, Workplace, and Professional Advocacy
Chapter 7 Organizational Planning
Chapter 8 Planned Change
Chapter 9 Time Management
Chapter 10 Fiscal Planning and Health-Care Reimbursement
Chapter 11 Career Planning and Development in Nursing
Chapter 12 Organizational Structure
Chapter 13 Organizational, Political, and Personal Power
Chapter 14 Organizing Patient Care
Chapter 15 Employee Recruitment, Selection, Placement, and Indoctrination
Chapter 16 Educating and Socializing Staff in a Learning Organization
Chapter 17 Staffing Needs and Scheduling Policies
Chapter 18 Creating a Motivating Climate
Chapter 19 Organizational, Interpersonal, and Group Communication in Team Building
Chapter 20 Delegation
Chapter 21 Conflict, Workplace Violence, and Negotiation
Chapter 22 Collective Bargaining, Unionization, and Employment Laws
Chapter 23 Quality Control in Creating a Culture of Patient Safety
Chapter 24 Performance Appraisal
Chapter 25 Problem Employees: Rule Breakers, Marginal Employees, and the Chemically or Psychologically Impaired


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