Test Bank for Primary Care: Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing / Edition 4


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Primary Care Art and Science of Advanced Practice, Dunphy, 4th Edition Test Bank


Table of Contents

I. Caring-Based Nursing: The Art
Chapter 1 Primary Care in the Twenty-First Century: A Circle of Caring
Chapter 2 Caring and the Advanced Practice Nurse
Chapter 3 Health Promotion
Chapter 4 The Art of Diagnosis and Treatment
Chapter 5 Evidence-Based Practice
II. Caring-Based Nursing: The Science
Chapter 6 Neurological Problems
Chapter 7 Skin Problems
Chapter 8 Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat Problems
Chapter 9 Respiratory Problems
Chapter 10 Cardiovascular Problems
Chapter 11 Abdominal Problems
Chapter 12 Renal Problems
Chapter 13 Men’s Health Problems
Chapter 14 Women’s Health Problems
Chapter 15 Musculoskeletal Problems
Chapter 16 Endocrine and Metabolic Problems
Chapter 17 Hematological and Immune Problems
Chapter 18 Psychosocial Problems
Chapter 19 Emergency Problems
III. Caring-Based Nursing: The Practice
Chapter 20 Palliative Care
Chapter 21 Ethical and Legal Issues of a Caring-Based Practice
Chapter 22 The Business of Advanced Practice 1239
Chapter 23 The 15-Minute Hour: Practical Psychotherapy for Primary Care
Chapter 24 Putting Caring Into Practice: Caring for Self


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